Our portfolio is constructed of approximately 25 holdings split between US, European and Japanese equities along with a number of exchange traded funds. As a measure of performance, we track the MSCI World Large Cap Index on a risk adjusted basis. Over the past 10 years, the fund has grown to over €150,000 in assets under management. We adhere to GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard)  across our 11 sectors and sector allocations within the portfolio are decided based on the market outlook and risk appetite of the fund’s senior investment committee.

Portfolio Sectors

Basic MaterialsThe Basic Materials sector encompasses companies involved in discovery, extraction and processing of raw materials. This includes firms whose principal activities include producing chemicals, mining and refining metals and minerals, harvesting wood and manufacturing paper and packaging products.

Senior Analysts: Brian Sheehy, Rachel Burns

Ryan Clarkson20190818132952

Ryan Clarkson

Sector Manager - Basic Materials
CommunicationsThe Communications sector is comprised of companies that facilitate communication and offer related content and information through various media. The sector includes firms involved in the provision of telecommunication services, advertising, cable and satellite, broadcasting, movies and entertainment.

Senior Analysts: Daniel Holmes

Laura Stack20190818133127

Laura Stack

Sector Manager - Communications
Consumer DiscretionaryThe Consumer Discretionary sector (also known as Consumer Cyclical) refers to the sector of the economy that provides consumers with goods and services that are not deemed to be essential, but still desirable if one’s income is sufficient to purchase them. The sector consists of goods and services including: automobiles and components, consumer services (restaurants, hotels, resorts), consumer durables and apparel (luxury and home improvement goods) and retailing.

Senior Analysts: Ciarán Quinn

Ranjana Singh20190818133306

Ranjana Singh

Sector Manager - Consumer Discretionary
Consumer StaplesThe Consumer Staples sector is comprised of firms which produce items such as food, beverages, and non-durable household and personal products. Consumer staples are both essential (food, beverage, and hygiene products) and non-essential (alcohol and tobacco) goods. Essentially, this sector is composed of the products that consumers are either unable or unwilling to give up.

Senior Analysts: Aoife Clery Ward, Aimee Goodwin

Conor Murdoch20190818133503

Conor Murdoch

Sector Manager - Consumer Staples
EnergyThe energy sector is a category of stocks that specialise in the production and supply of energy. The sector can be further broken down into several subsectors, such as oil and gas, renewables, coal and nuclear which will be further discussed in this report. Companies in this sector may specialise in one aspect of the energy value chain or they may be integrated companies with a foot in all elements of the energy supply chain.

Senior Analysts: Oliver Begley, Shantanu Gupta

Conor Murphy20190818133650

Conor Murphy

Sector Manager - Energy
Financial - BanksThe Financial Sector is focused on firms that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. The sector is comprised of banks, insurance companies, real estate brokers etc. There are three main classes of banks: Investment Banks, Commercial Banks and Retail Banks.
* Investment Banks provide services to individual clients, institutions and governments. They underwrite both debt and equity securities, provide Sales & Trading services, Mergers & Acquisitions advisory, wealth/asset management, equity research etc.
* Retail Banks provide services to individual consumers. They provide savings accounts, mortgages, personal loans, credit/debit card services etc.
* Commercial Banks provide services primarily to businesses. They offer loans, accept deposits and offer other basic financial services and products.

Senior Analysts: Paddy Ryder, Aife Feeley

Michael O’Callaghan20190818133845

Michael O’Callaghan

Sector Manager - Financial (Banks)
Financial - Non-BanksThe main sub-sectors of the FNB sector, according to the MSCI World Financials Index, are “Insurance”, “Capital Markets”, “Diversified Financial Services”, “Consumer Finance”, and “Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)”.

Senior Analysts: Isaac Brickenden, Osgur Murphy O'Kane

Luke Harmon20190818134110

Luke Harmon

Sector Manager - Financials (Non-Banks)
HealthcareThe Healthcare sector consists of companies that provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment or drugs, provide medical insurance, or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients.

Senior Analysts: Brian Coady, Lily-May Jennings, Gerard O’Shea

James Kinsella20190818134437

James Kinsella

Sector Manager - Healthcare
TechnologyThe technology sector is comprised of: a) companies who offer software and information technology services, b) manufacturers and distributors of technology hardware and c) manufacturers and distributors of semiconductors and semiconductor equipment.

Senior Analysts: Ciaran Regan, Milo Dunne & Niall Alsafi

Oran McVeigh-Keeling20190818134635

Oran McVeigh-Keeling

Sector Manager - Technology
Transport & IndustrialsThe Transport and Industrials (T&I) Sector is comprised of firms who produce goods used in construction, manufacturing and transportation. The Industrials Sector includes firms involved in the production of capital goods (aerospace & defence, building goods, construction and engineering, machinery and industrial conglomerates) and commercial and professional services (waste management, property management, accounting bodies). The Transportation Sector is a category of firms that provide services moving people, goods, or the infrastructure to do so.

Senior Analysts: Fiachra Keane, Liam Stein

Luke Ryan20190818134918

Luke Ryan

Sector Manager - Transport & Industrials