About Us

Trinity Summer

The TSMF is the first initiative of its kind within Europe, it manages a real-life long-only equity portfolio and is 100% run by students. We are a non-remunerated organization with two primary mandates. The first of which is educate Trinity students with a view to granting them a competitive advantage in the jobs market at home and abroad. The second of which is to give back to the community which sustains us, to that end 10% of annual profits are donated to the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) which assists students from underrepresented backgrounds with their tuitions fees and other expenses. The remaining 90% of our returns are reinvested into the portfolio with a view to growing it to a critical mass whereby the 10% donated to charity becomes a meaningful sum.

We invests in equities and exchange traded fund instruments however, our constitution does not  permit us to short sell securities due to the risk inherent in this activity. We have a global investable universe and are therefore benchmarked against the MSCI world index.

Our aim is to become a co-curricular and multi-disciplinary centre for excellence within Trinity which attracts the University’s finest students who wish to hone their professional skills – be they related to investments and finance, marketing and PR, operations or management and leadership.