What is the SMF Mentorship Programme?

The Mentorship Programme was first launched in 2018 as part of our Women in Business Initiative within Trinity Student Managed Fund. Following a successful first year the Trinity SMF Mentorship Programme is delighted to expand it to all members, both male and female. The programme involves four meet-ups during the year which we organise that provide both mentor and mentees with the opportunity to meet and network with each other. Our motivation behind the programme is to help raise awareness on topics surrounding gender equality in the workplace, diversity and inclusion and leadership. We aim to provide a programme which addresses these topics, while also connecting students with industry experts and leaders who can offer guidance and advice for their future careers.

Meet the Head of Mentorship

Emma Burns20190917090652

Emma Burns

Head of Mentorship

Emma is a Final Year BESS student and joined the fund this year as Head of the Mentorship Programme for 2019/20. Her previous involvement in the fund saw her as junior analyst for consumer staples and a member of the Women in Business Committee. Along with organising the mentorship programme, she is a senior analyst for consumer discretionary. Emma has interned in Goldman Sachs as part of their Investment Research division.

Having been involved in the Mentorship programme last year, I can say that it is an incredible opportunity for students. Drawing from my own experience from last year, my mentor Edel Quinlan, guided me through assessments centres and interviews, as well as supporting me throughout the summer during my internship. I would highly recommend the programme to all students, it’s never to early to start thinking about your future and building your network.

Benefits of the Programme

Students can build and grow their network
One-to-one contact with industry experts and professionals
Develop both hard and soft skills to help you for future job opportunities
Acquire a broad knowledge of different career paths
Become more aware of the importance of Diversity and Inclusion across various industry sectors

Meet our 2019/20 Mentors

Sonia Vlad20190916123253

Sonia Vlad

Relationship Management - Brown Brothers Harriman
Linda Taylor20190916123457

Linda Taylor

Associate - The Blackstone Group
Edel Quinlan20190916123820

Edel Quinlan

Senior Relationship Manager - Northern Trust
Marah Curtin20190916124055

Marah Curtin

Associate Director - Davy
Katie Byrne20190916124222

Katie Byrne

Supervisor, Fund Services Business Analyst - Brown Brothers Harriman
Jenny Hill20190916124349

Jenny Hill

Client Services Manager - CPL
Pauline Hoosemans20190916124700

Pauline Hoosemans

Consulting Manager - Deloitte
Alan Cuddihy20190916124835

Alan Cuddihy

Audit Director - Deloitte
Ailbhe Donnellan20190916125021

Ailbhe Donnellan

Senior Manager, Tax - Deloitte
Kevin Dardis20190916125211

Kevin Dardis

Consulting Manager - Deloitte
Rosemarie Kennedy20190916125415

Rosemarie Kennedy

Risk Advisory Director - Deloitte
Deborah Crilly20190916125644

Deborah Crilly

Director - CPL
Sara-Amanda O’Keane20190916125827

Sara-Amanda O’Keane

Senior Manager, Risk Advisory - Deloitte
Jean Ryan20190916130022

Jean Ryan

Senior VP, Business Development - KBI
Ciara Donegan20190916130511

Ciara Donegan

Client Services Analyst - Credit Suisse
Annie Flynn20190916132131

Annie Flynn

Director - KPMG
Hannah Cooney20190916132601

Hannah Cooney

Asset Management & Funds Solicitor - William Fry
Jennifer Griffin20190916132742

Jennifer Griffin

Risk Manager - KBI
Keith Bradley20190916135616

Keith Bradley

VP, Senior Relationship Manager - Northern Trust
David McPhillips20190916135731

David McPhillips

Director, Transition Management and Brokerage - Northern Trust
Ian Headon20190916135900

Ian Headon

Senior VP - Northern Trust
Reuben Murray Whelan20190916140032

Reuben Murray Whelan

Corporate Development - IPL
William De Turberville20190916140207

William De Turberville

Account Executive - Stripe
Róisín Horan20190916140344

Róisín Horan

Deals Associate - PwC
Caoimhe Stafford20190916140520

Caoimhe Stafford

Technology & Innovation Lawyer - Arthur Cox
Cliodhna O’Connell20190916140658

Cliodhna O’Connell

Tax Consultant - PwC
Brian Cox20190916140937

Brian Cox

Director - Davy
Richard Kearney20190916141151

Richard Kearney

Director - Davy
Aidan Donnelly20190916141408

Aidan Donnelly

Head of Equities/Fund Managers
Niall Kelly20190917101919

Niall Kelly

Associate Director - Davy

2019/20 Events

Throughout the year there will be four organised mentorship meet-ups with both mentors and mentees. Each event will explore a different theme which we feel encapsulates our goals and objectives for the programme. The events will discuss topics such as, networking, diversity and inclusion, and leadership, with industry experts and leaders. With Each meet-up we hope to create discussion and conversation around these topics. Not only will we offer a great atmosphere for students and mentors to connect and network with each other, but we hope to inspire and motivate everyone involved in the programme. Inspiring and empowering both mentors and mentees is at the core of the programme, and we believe the skills and knowledge mentees  can learn from mentors will shape their future successes and careers. The dates and title of the meet-ups are as follows;