Women’s Leadership Conference

The Trinity SMF is running its third student-run female leadership conference in Regent House on the 5th of

This event welcomes ALL students at Trinity regardless of year, gender or course.

The event, entitled ‘Breaking Boundaries’, will bring together a diverse range of prestigious business leaders, who have excelled in their practices and accomplishment of goals in spite of many hardships.

The conference provides a platform for speakers to share their journeys and give insight on how they created opportunities for themselves and defied the odds, all of which we hope inspires the next generation of leaders to succeed in the same breadth.

The objective of the evening is to focus on emphasizing the vitality of a gender-balanced workplace and inspiring the upcoming generation of female and male leaders in taking the next steps towards progression.

This year’s panel includes:
- Julie Sinnamon (CEO of Enterprise Ireland)
- Lauren Simmons (the youngest and only female trader on the
New York Stock Exchange)
- Caroline Dowling (President of Flextronics)
- Anthony G Watson (Founder and CEO of TBOL plc. Former CIO
of Barclays and Nike.)

The panel will be moderated by Gavin McLoughlin, the Business News Editor at the Irish Independent and a Broadcaster at Newstalk.

The event is kindly co-sponsored by Davy Group, HSBC, and SiG.

All attendees are invited to join us after the panel for a wine reception.

***Employers and recruiters will be in attendance and will provide a great opportunity to network for those seeking internships and mentors.***

Registration will open on Monday, the 24th of September 2018. Seats are limited, therefore, we strongly recommend you register ASAP.

Follow this link to reserve your FREE ticket before Friday the 28th of September: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/womens-leadership-conference-breaking-boundaries-tickets-50581081376

Name badges will be available at registration with receipt of your ticket ONLY.

Dress code: Smart casual

Looking forward to seeing you all there!