What is Trading?

Broadly speaking, trading is the buying and selling of securities on financial exchanges. There are many different types of securities, the most common ones including: foreign exchange (FX or Forex), equities (or shares), indices (such as the Dow Jones), commodities (such as gold and oil), fixed income products (bonds) and derivative products (this includes options and futures).

Trading these products on the financial exchanges centres around price movements in the underlying securities. Market participants include institutional investors, retail investors, banks, brokers and market-makers. Active traders, or speculators, will try to predict price movements. Market-makers, or liquidity providers will show prices at which they are willing to buy and sell the given securities, with the aim of capturing the difference between them, known as a bid-ask spread.

What is our Trading Division?

The Trading Division of the Trinity SMF was established to provide an outlet for members of the SMF who are interested in trading and the financial markets. The fund has grown in size to over 1,000 members since its establishment nine years ago. To reflect this growth, we wanted to broaden the opportunities available to members within the fund. We have an increased STEM membership in the fund, which is a trend we expect to continue. Further to this, many previous SMF alumni have gone on to pursue careers in trading, encouraged by the opportunities made available to them through the SMF.

We wanted to bring these opportunities together and formalise the trading insight activities of the SMF so that as many members as possible can discover if a career in trading is something for them.


Meetings of the Trading Division are held weekly, during which members are given an insight into the various roles available within Trading.


In line with our overall aim, the Trading Division of the SMF will focus on educating members on market basics throughout the year in weekly meetings.


The division will be running market-making mini-games and simulated trading competitions to give members an opportunity to apply what they have learned.

Meet the Head of Trading

Lucinda Mills20200322165331

Lucinda Mills

Head of Trading
Lucinda is a fourth-year Mathematics and Economics student and joins the committee for 2020/21 as the Head of Trading. She was previously a senior analyst in the Financials Sector and Head of Publications in the SMF. Lucinda has had previous experience interning in asset management and in sales and trading. She joined a boutique asset management firm in Boston for the summer of 2019 and is joining the Securities Division of Goldman Sachs for the summer of 2020.
The SMF is a great resource that Trinity students have to utilize. Its main purpose is educating our members about the financial industry and the opportunities that are available. I applied to be Head of Trading in order to give back to our members and share the knowledge I have gained over the years from internships and from learning from past members. The SMF network is strong and you will always meet alumni along the way that are always willing to help you succeed.
Lucinda MillsHead of Trading

The Rotman International Trading Competition

Each year, the Trinity SMF competitively selects six students to represent the university at the Rotman International Trading Competition in Toronto. This highly prestigious competition provides students with an opportunity to make real-time trading decisions, manage risk and interact with other market participants.

Competitors compete in a variety of technical cases across different asset classes, including options trading, commodities trading and an open outcry case. The competition gives competitors the confidence to compete on a world stage against fellow students from around the globe. It is an unrivalled insight into the role of a trader on the financial exchanges.

Our 2020 team finished 23rd overall, and placed 13th in the Commodities Case.