Welcome to Trinity SMF

Trinity Student Managed Fund (Trinity SMF) is the first student managed fund in Irish history. It is comprised of a real-life financial portfolio managed by a team of committed undergraduate and postgraduate students under the guidance of an advisory board of investment industry experts.

Long Only Equity Management

The TSMF is the first initiative of its kind within Europe, it manages a real-life long-only equity portfolio and is 100% run by students. We invest in equities and exchange traded fund instruments. However, our constitution does not permit us to short sell securities due to the inherent risk of the activity.

Main Aim

Our aim is to become a co-curricular and multi-disciplinary centre for excellence within Trinity which attracts the University’s finest students who wish to hone their professional skills – be they related to investments and finance, marketing and PR, operations or management and leadership.

Giving Back

Each year, 10% of our profits are donated to the Trinity Access Programme (TAP) and the Trinity Inclusion & Disability Service. The remaining 90% of our returns are reinvested in the portfolio with a view of growing it to a critical mass whereby the remaining 10% becomes a meaningful sum.

Basic MaterialsEncompasses companies involved in discovery, extraction and
processing of raw materials.
CommunicationsCompanies that facilitate communication and offer related content and info through various media.
Consumer DiscretionaryProvides consumers with goods and services that are not deemed to be
Consumer StaplesFirms which produce items such as food, beverages, and non-durable household and personal products.
EnergyConsists of stocks that specialise in the
production and supply
of energy.
Financial - BanksIncluding companies like Investment Banks, Commercial Banks and Retail Banks.
Financial - Non-BanksInsurance, Capital Markets, Diversified Financial Services, Consumer Finance & Real Estate.
HealthcareComprises of companies
which facilitate the
provision of healthcare
to patients.
TechnologyThose who manufacture electronics, create software, computers or products and services relating to IT.
Transport & IndustrialsFirms who produce goods used in construction, manufacturing and transportation.

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