2020 - Alternative Investments Conference

2020 marks the first year of the Trinity SMF Alternative Investments Conference. The purpose of this new initiative is to introduce SMF members to alternative asset classes, including, but not limited to, private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. The evening will consist of a panel discussion from influential leaders with the aim of creating a forum for rich dialogue and debate between leading figures within alternative investments and our members. Crucially, students will have the opportunity to meet, ask questions and draw inspiration from those in attendance. It is a thriving industry which is why we would like students to be able to learn about and understand the opportunities within the industry.

2019 - Fintech Conference

Paul Byrne20190826191147

Paul Byrne

CEO - CurrencyFair
Peter Oakes20190826191348

Peter Oakes

Board Director - Regulated Fintech & Finserv, Founder - Fintech Ireland
Anna Scally20190826191541

Anna Scally

Fintech Lead - KPMG, Founding Director - Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland
Niall Twomey20190826191711

Niall Twomey

CTO - Fenergo
John Kennedy20190826191827

John Kennedy

Editor - Silicon Republic

2019 - Investments Conference

Meb Faber20190826192039

Meb Faber

Founder & CIO - Cambria Investment Management
Joseph McCarthy20190826192229

Joseph McCarthy

CIO - Islandbridge Capital
John Tracey20190826192412

John Tracey

CEO - Trinity Venture Capital
Ann Prendergast20190826192528

Ann Prendergast

CEO - State Street Global Advisors Ireland
Kieran Bristow20190826192740

Kieran Bristow

Head of Investment Strategy - Ireland Strategic Investment Fund
Garvan McCarthy20190826192953

Garvan McCarthy

CIO Alternatives - Mercer
Sean Crowe20190826193108

Sean Crowe

CEO - Bank of Ireland Markets and Treasury
Alan Merriman20190826193224

Alan Merriman

Founder - Elkstone