The Leadership Perspectives series is the SMF’s premier leadership event. It occurs on an annual basis with the inaugural event having been held in February 2014. Each event in the series brings together a range of esteemed business leaders from across the globe to discuss a particular topic in a panel discussion format.

The event was founded to give our members insight into how management and leadership theory converges with practice. Our speakers give an address on a topic with which they identify within the current year’s theme. A chairperson then facilitates a discussion between the panelists and the audience.

2020 - "The Power of Diversity"

2019 - “A World of Opportunities”

Vincent Wall20190820172258

Vincent Wall

Business Editor - Newstalk
Vivian Hunt20190820172539

Vivian Hunt

UK & Ireland Head - McKinsey & Company
Jamie Heaslip20190820172750

Jamie Heaslip

Former Irish Rugby Player
Dr. Pippa Malgrem20190820172939

Dr. Pippa Malgrem

Bestselling Author, Former Special Adviser - Bush Administration, Co-Founder - H Robotics
Caroline Keeling20190820173126

Caroline Keeling

CEO - Keelings

2018 - “Lessons in Leadership”

Governor Howard Dean20190819191728

Governor Howard Dean

Former Chair - Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Myles Dungan20190820173707

Myles Dungan

Author, Historian, Presenter - History Show, RTE Radio 1
Paul Drechsler20190820173934

Paul Drechsler

President - Confederation of British Industry, Former CEO - Wates Group
Sandra Whitney20190820174152

Sandra Whitney

Global Head of Strategic Publishing - Google
Ray Nolan20190820174330

Ray Nolan

Founder - Hostelworld, CEO - XSellco

2017 - “Guiding the Way into the 21st Century”

Paul Drechsler20190820173934

Paul Drechsler

President - Confederation of British Industry, Former CEO - Wates Group
Helen Tynan20190820174931

Helen Tynan

Director of People Operations - Google Ireland, Named as one of Ireland’s 25 most powerful women by the Woman’s Executive Network
Patrick Coveney20190820175111

Patrick Coveney

CEO - Greencore, Former Managing Partner - McKinsey & Company
Ronan Ryan20190820175258

Ronan Ryan

President - IEX
Paul Cooke20190820175441

Paul Cooke

Former Managing Director - Sunday Business Post

2016 - “Overcoming Adversity”

Scilla Elworthy20190820180044

Scilla Elworthy

Peace Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Anthony Watson20190820180221

Anthony Watson

Founder & CEO - TBOL, Co-Founder & Former CEO - Uphold
Lisa Holt20190820180349

Lisa Holt

Managing Director - CPL
John Purdy20190820180510

John Purdy

CEO - Ergo, EY's Industry Entrepreneur of the Year 2014

2015 - “Leading Change: A Global Perspective”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw20190819192209

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Chairperson & M.D. - Biocon LTD, Chairperson - India Institute of Management
Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen20190819192409

Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen

Founder & Managing Partner - Nova Partners Capital
Peter O’Neill20190820180945

Peter O’Neill

Former Managing Director - IBM
Patrick Kennedy20190820181154

Patrick Kennedy

Chairman - Bank of Ireland, Former CEO - Paddy Power

2014 - “Leading Women: Building Presence at the Top”

Mary Harney20190820181742

Mary Harney

Former Tánaiste 
Dame Alison Carnwath20190820182002

Dame Alison Carnwath

Chairman - Land Sercurities
Eileen Fitzpatrick20190820182202

Eileen Fitzpatrick

Former Director - NewEra
Louise Phelan20190820182257

Louise Phelan

Deputy CEO - Phelan Enery Group, Former VP - Paypal
Anthony Hucker20190820182615

Anthony Hucker

Former President & Chief Operating Officer - Schnuck Markets
Julie Sinnamon20190820182807

Julie Sinnamon

CEO - Enterprise Ireland