Ali Khan20200322165544

Ali Khan

Head of Postgrads
Lucinda Mills20200322165331

Lucinda Mills

Head of Trading
Ranjana Singh20200322164945

Ranjana Singh

Head of Women in Business
Liam Collins20200322164625

Liam Collins

Public Relations Officer
Sharon Olorunniwo20200322164346

Sharon Olorunniwo

Chief Technology Officer & Head of Publications
Aaron O’Neill20200322164127

Aaron O’Neill

Head of Research
Oran Keeling20200322163844

Oran Keeling

Investment Officer & Alternative Investment Lead
Conor Murdoch20200322163600

Conor Murdoch

Investment Officer
Ryan Clarkson20200322163319

Ryan Clarkson

Chief Macroeconomist
Laura Stack20200322162958

Laura Stack

Chief Financial Officer